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Image of CONVOY MK 1 - More colours available

CONVOY MK 1 - More colours available


The Convoy cable knit wool sweater.
We have wanted to make this for some time. It started when we found an old 1940s pattern for this piece of knitwear.

This garment was originally hand knitted by wives, mothers and girlfriends of their men serving on the cold north Atlantic convoys during world war 2.

We hand knitted the first prototype to see what the fit and feel would be like.

Next, we altered its length to accommodate to lower jeans and trouser worn by today’s men.

The result is a finer gauge jumper than the Submariner with a slimmer fit, more suitable to wear under a suit jacket or wear in the Spring and Autumn as well as the winter.

Available in navy blue or ecru cream, also available in a shawl collar. ” The Marine“

Style Shots by Matt Hind, in Iceland.

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